Design-Apart NY: ermesponti’s first wood-cut!


After two months dedicated to the design, the survey and the executive project finally we are cutting the first piece of solid wood!

Yesterday, Silvio ( one of ermesponti master-carpenter) has begun to select and cut the old Italian walnut trees that will cover the main entrance wall of the first Flatiron loft signed by Design- Apart!

silvio cut the fist piece

We are proud to share with you this amazing project and each single phase of it!

In the meantime Giuseppina – our seamstress- and Ermes Ponti – in person- are choosing, cutting and stitching together the oak veneers for the paneling between the living room  and the kitchen.

Yes, you understood well: we are not only interior and bespoke furniture designers; we also produce every single piece exclusively for you, around each need or dream you may have.

We design as a stylist and produce as a tailor; but in between, even the fabric we select and weave it  for you. You know, every tree is different like every man it is.

Are you ready to see the very first Italian bespoke loft in NY?

Wait for a few weeks; we are coming soon before Central Park Autumn leaves are fallen!

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Now back in Mantova

At the same time, in Ermesponti, our technician Mattia prepares all the production drawings and easily the making process starts according with them.


Each master carpenter is in charge of a specific item: Silvio of the media cabinet, Giuseppe of the hall- kitchen boiserie, Roberto of the main tv corner cabinet, Marco of the Sintagma’s bookshelves and finally Alberto, the cherry on the cake, taking charge of the small console table that goes in front of the entrance.