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Ermes Ponti Bespoke Interiors by hand Among our communication activities, there’s the “Ermes Ponti Bespoke Interiors” newsletter, which we periodically send to a small circle of contacts.

Even the newsletter, like everything else in our company, is made with artisan care and attention, and we endeavor to provide updates of real interest with links for further information.

Our little newsletter is for partners, customers and whoever is interested in bespoke interiors: contacts we picked over time, one by one, involving people who like interior design the way we do: as an exclusive and personal portrait.

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We share the same idea of beauty as the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza.

Fondazione Italia Patria della BellezzaGiovanni Lanzone speaks of a “third renaissance” while informing us about the new foundation Italia Patria della Bellezza (“Italy Homeland of Beauty”), which he co-founded

How could we – who live and work in a Rennaissance city – not fall in love with it?

This initiative aims to…

Use beauty as a value, in all its aspects: the harmony of its territories, the empathy of the communities, the excellence of the products.

And for us entrepreneurs, we’re happy to learn that we have a key role in this vision – and a responsibility, too…

Companies as the mainstay of the communities: the art and talent of manufacturers.

Such proposal reminds us of our silent revolution  about our end-to-end method, a “holistic” approach to production inspired by people like Michelangelo and Leonardo, and – among its more modern epigones – a certain Steve Jobs, who openly acknowledged his cultural debt with the Masters of the Italian Renaissance.

To learn more:

Here the website of the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza.

Il metodo “ermesponti” from Ermes Ponti on Vimeo.