Christmas 2015: A Short Message for us?

So it is Christmas again.
It happens once a year. Is it all about holidays, greetings and gifts? Is our Christmas in Europe or in western countries still genuine and credible?
This year we are wondering about the meaning of Christmas nowadays to give you a more real gift or send true greetings. Maybe the meaning of Christmas is simpler than we can imagine. It is just about God’s Son being on earth with us and for us. That makes sense. There is only one God and his Son came here just to tell us we are all brothers and sisters. That’s the message of Christmas!
If you just believe in this simple message, the New Year will be really new and happy.
It is not  only a  number on our calendar. A simple, humane idea can affect the world so your neighbour becomes you brother. How about behaving to him as you would like him to behave to you?
We wish you a new kind of Christmas and so  a real New Year.
If everyone of us lives in peace with his  neighbour, there will be no more war.
Let’s go for it. Two thousand years have gone by.  What are we waiting for?
Image: “Supper in Emmaus”, 1601
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio 
National Gallery, London