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“Ermes Ponti Bespoke Interiors” newsletter: have you signed up?

Ermes Ponti Bespoke Interiors by hand Among our communication activities, there’s the “Ermes Ponti Bespoke Interiors” newsletter, which we periodically send to a small circle of contacts.

Even the newsletter, like everything else in our company, is made with artisan care and attention, and we endeavor to provide updates of real interest with links for further information.

Our little newsletter is for partners, customers and whoever is interested in bespoke interiors: contacts we picked over time, one by one, involving people who like interior design the way we do: as an exclusive and personal portrait.

Are you interested?

If yes, it will only take you a second to email us or give us a phone call to subscribe!

We share the same idea of beauty as the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza.

Fondazione Italia Patria della BellezzaGiovanni Lanzone speaks of a “third renaissance” while informing us about the new foundation Italia Patria della Bellezza (“Italy Homeland of Beauty”), which he co-founded

How could we – who live and work in a Rennaissance city – not fall in love with it?

This initiative aims to…

Use beauty as a value, in all its aspects: the harmony of its territories, the empathy of the communities, the excellence of the products.

And for us entrepreneurs, we’re happy to learn that we have a key role in this vision – and a responsibility, too…

Companies as the mainstay of the communities: the art and talent of manufacturers.

Such proposal reminds us of our silent revolution  about our end-to-end method, a “holistic” approach to production inspired by people like Michelangelo and Leonardo, and – among its more modern epigones – a certain Steve Jobs, who openly acknowledged his cultural debt with the Masters of the Italian Renaissance.

To learn more:

Here the website of the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza.

Il metodo “ermesponti” from Ermes Ponti on Vimeo.

Welcome to Germany, on our company website!

Ermes Ponti bespoke: German speaking website We’re happy to announce that the ermesponti website now speaks German, besides Italian and English.

We are truly committed to worldwide work, as our list of references can tell you.

As the world becomes smaller and smaller, the ermesponti method is more and more known, and we’re proud to bring the Italian expertise of our teams all over, from Milan Montenapoleone to New York to Shanghai.

As to our German friends, we thought it necessary to add to our company website the possibility to speak with them in their own language.

We are deeply thankful to our business partners in Germany for the appreciation they showed towards our work in more than one occasion.

We’re talking about the interiors of the German Pavillion at the 2015 Venice Architecture Biennale, where ermesponti was chosen by the German Architects studio Ciriacidis Lehnerer for the faithful interiors reconstruction of the original Bonn Kanzlerbungalow, in the premises of the Venice Biennale.BungalowGermania_Ausstellung04 © Bas Princen

Or, different story but equally gratifying for us, when the top German luxury brand Mont Blanc put us in charge of a bespoke interiors retail project, after seeing – during a meeting in Hamburg – how our team handles all parts of a project, starting from handmade prototyping.

Of course we would like to open up our conversation to  French, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese as well… but, as we all know, quality takes time, and we care for quality above everything else!

So, for now, let’s welcome our German contacts with a warm…



ermesponti bespoke interiors website in German

Ermes Ponti bespoke: company website in German

The Ten Commandments of “Crescita Felice” (Happy Growth), a book to read and… some thoughts.

morace-crescita-feliceWe’d like to finish this series of posts dedicated to Francesco Morace with a small extract from his book “Crescita Felice – Percorsi di futuro civile” (Happy Growth, referring to a way of making economy grow, in a sustainable way).

In particular we find very inspiring the “10 Commandments” for a Happy Growth, at the end the book:

  1.   Grow up on the difference, like nature does
  2.     Accept body challenge and mutual recognition
  3.     Enhance the unique encounter between people and places
  4.     Create an ethic of ties, beyond religions and ideologies
  5.     Give space to vital pragmatism beyond media
  6.     Follow the happy approches beyond exaggerated desires
  7.     Understand real life memory, beyond virtual dimension
  8.     Cultivate the sustainable trust chain
  9.     Refocus on public vision
  10.     Win back the art of making decisions

Which of these principles feel most relevant for us?

Well, while reading prof. Morace’s book it we felt very close to his whole point of view.

As a matter of fact, we’ve taken part in its Milan presentation, both in person and online with the live twitting and Storify event, and we broght back a lot of food for thought, so… here are our little thoughts, which may not be as bright as Francesco’s but… :-)

  • The concept of “Happy comsumption”, often mentioned at the presentation as well, reminds us of the ermesponti tailoring experience in which the customer is at the center of a unfogettable experience that ranges from the tailored design to the realization of its desired interior space to live

  •  The lifestyle portrait of the person who lives in a home, makes us think about point 3, where the encounter between people and places is described as “unique” 

  •  Als on the concepts of “genius plus” combined to architectural “genius loci” defines an affinity between the client and the location, pillars of our work

  • The “new zero km” concept, in ermesponti applies to the close relationship with between us and the customer, who’s fully involved both in the planning and in the production, according to the ermesponti method

  • The sustainable trust of point 8 is siomething we enjoy every day since many many years, from our clients and partners

We wish you all to enjoy such a refreshing reading, and thank you prof. Morace for inspiring us!

Speaking of Art and Crafts: a book, a few thoughts and best wishes from ermes ponti for 2015.


Passionate as we are of well done work – the work of which we try every day to be Italian masters – we came across an intriguing book.

We’re talking about Costruttori di bellezza – Filosofia della calzatura maschile secondo Santoni, book published by Marsilio and dedicated to the shoes company Santoni, located in the Marche region.

We’d like to share some views on the presentation of the work and also a wish to our ecosystem, made of customers, suppliers, craftsmen,  friends and talents.

First, the storytelling of work is as important as the work itself.

We realized that  the “savoir faire” must include a “faire savoire” attitude. This, in the first place, made us like this book right away.

Secondly, nowadays it’s important to put the work of Italian companies at the center of general attention: it’s an essential support to our economy!

Let’s mention two cases, of which we’re part: Rennaissance Link and Italian Factor.

Finally, it’s time to create contacts and relationships not only for the usual activities of production and sales, but focused on relationship and networking.

And about the wish…

Simple: let all this… just come true, in a spirit of renewed confidence and renewed competitiveness of our ecosystem, because it does have the numbers to win any goal.

A Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015 to all!

Some thoughts on “How to spend it”: quality, Made in Italy, bespoke and… a modest proposal.

How to spend it - Sole24Ore

There’s new magazine of the Il Sole 24ore Editorial Group, in Italy: “How to spend it”.

This use of the English language in the name  in an Italian magazine sounded me strange to me at first…

Then I understood: it’s a magazine created in Italy, together with The Financial Times, which has been distributing it for 20 years in UK.

Some questions arose spontaneously.

The first one: spending what? Time or money?

Flipping through the pages, I think i got the answer: it’s for people who have a lot of both… good for them! :-)

Second question: do we really need such a format, in these hard times where recession of domestic consumption seems so  overwhelming?

Maybe yes, because – as I quickly found out – the magazine promotes widely both Made in Italy brands and the Made in Italy approach to goods and lifestyle.

Speaking of Made in Italy heroes, in a few minutes I ran into a pearl of wisdom that made me forget all my thoughts.

The following quote appeared to me like a message: something to be shared and discussed, with a strong tie to the times we’re living.

A concept appealing to all: entrepreneurs, common people, young generations.
A message regarding our future.

Here’s what Maurizio Marinella, of the historic company of ties and accessories based in Naples, told journalist Roberto Napoletano, in his “Passaporto Italiano” column:

“The message I got from the ones who came before me is departing from Naples, but never leave Naples. Depart from Naples and stay here in Naples”.

Maurizio Marinella - Ermes Ponti blog

(Thank you Mr. Marinella for your inspiration, I wish I could meet you one day).

In my personal opinion, this is exactly what we have to do!

And we of Ermesponti do it. Actually, we do it every single day.

We depart from Italy, continuously (last trip Germany, but also Asia, New York, UKall over the world, we go where someone asks for an end-to-end solution to an interiors problem), but never leave Italy.

We work worldwide from here. 

We design and produce bespoke interiors assuming control of the whole process, from starting idea to turnkey delivery for clients and locations all over the world.

Every time we bring with us the values of the Italian culture and the Italian lifestyle.

This reminds me of another Sole 24 ore editorial content I always follow: the radio program “La Fuga dei Talenti” (Talents’ escape) regarding Italian youngsters going abroad to build their carreers.

In this regard, what I’d like to suggest to Mr. Napoletano – radio24 director – is to focus on a positive attitude, which is still possibile, if we change point of view.

Young people need reasons to stay or come back to Italy, not only to escape from our country!

Let’s all give them new, positive examples! Shouldn’t we try to follow Barbara Santoro’s inspiring example?

Our country still is able to produce high levels of excellence, in alla regards.

As fare as we are concerned, we think that there is a high demand of the highest level of luxury: the perfect customization.

A home fitting you perfectly, like a bespoke suit, exclusively designed for you can really improve your lifestyle and makes you feel better.

Living immersed in beauty and harmony, in a space that represents you perfectly, can really change life from hell to heaven!

In brief, we believe the revolution of the “designed for” instead of the “design-by” it’s coming soon and we are proud to be part of it.

And here’s the modest proposal I’d like to share with Il Sole 24 Ore’s manager Mrs. Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot:

The right header for the Italian edition of this prestigious English magazine must be different from the English one: How to spend it, better!

So, dear Mrs. Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot, when can we expect the new “bespoke issue”?