We invite you to a 2015 of opening, sharing and conversation.

A new year has just begun, we’d like to start our 2015 conversation speaking of the things we love, beyond the daily tasks.

How we work, rather than what we do.

As we try to create “a culture of doing” (savoir faire), we are also trying hard to spread it and make it known, even with this blog (faire savoir).

Something that – since the Renaissance – has made Italy a special place, something in which we keep believing in.


Schermata 01-2457032 alle 10.52.45Let’s open ourselves up to foreign markets, as well as to our outstanding national culture (the Italian Factor)… 

Let’s open up to new generations and to their desire to work and learn with us.


We create value, everyday.ermes-ponti-bespoke-interiors2

There’s value in detailed processing, there’s value in project design, there’s value in relationships.

Work is made of value, all the rest is mere routine.

This year, let the value created by our minds and hands be shared, for the sake of personal and common growth.


What’s the point of being very good… alone?

The artisan shops of the Italian Renaissance have taught us – long before the social networks – how important it is to be in touch with each other, share a path and move forward together.

ermesponti bespoke interiors (mantua, italy)To do this, we believe that taking part in the online platforms of conversation allows us to confront our readers.

And that’s not just for present times, but also for the future, as these web pages are here to stay.

This, to begin with, we wish and hope for the new year, for us all.

Happy 2015!