Santoni Italian shoemakers: the beauty of craftsmanship which binds us together.

Reading the book “Costruttori di bellezza”, which we recently mentioned, we noticed that many things about crafting feel familiar, no matter the industry you’re talking to.Schermata 02-2457055 alle 09.49.10

Santoni is an artisan shoe company, extraordinary in many ways, not least its reality of 500 employees and worlwide exports.

ermesponti is something entirely different, even though design and craftmanship apply in the everyday work of our teams, in order to create unique interiors – be it commercial or residential.

Yet… let us mention some parts we read in the book that we feel particularly familiar with:

P. 51
Leisure time of a younger Andrea Santoni, founder of the company:

“From six year-old onwards, once I’d finish working at Bruè, I also worked in small workshops to round up. And I would work there till around midnight, then go home, always walking. For a short time, when I was 25, I’ve also helped my parents to work on the fields.”

Andrea Santoni con il fratello

P. 72
Technological developments in relation to craft skills:

“Once, everything was handmade. Today, in the shoe business there are high-tech machines, but the manual conveyor is still pushed like in the past: with the hands. For some respect, in Santoni we worklike we did sixty years ago. “

P. 99
On how to deal with the actual economic crisis:

“Do not change the way you work, for the sake of the economic crisis. We have to continue investing even more on the know-how and on quality. A positive attitude that proved to be successful.’

That’s what Giuseppe Santoni replied to a journalist who asked him what was the best idea to face the global economic crisis began in 2008.

It’s a pleasure for us to get to know better the  Santoni  by reading these pages: it’s an example that inspires our work.

…And how many excellences such as theirs we have in Italy? 

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