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We are proud to announce that just a few days after the opening our Living Showroom is in The New York Times! It is a great unsuspected achievement for Ermesponti and all the others producers of Design- Apart !

This is only the first step of a great adventure! Design-Apart partners with 20 small-medium but highly specialized Italian companies: Ermesponti Bespoke Interiors, TM Italia, Berto, Exnovo, Elica, Marrone Cutom Cooking, MiIlldue, Zucchetti Kos, Technogel Sleeping, Techlab Italia, MenottiSpecchia, Renata Bonfanti, Bosa, Secondome, B-Stone, Segno Italiano,A.M. Ricami, Servomuto, Giovanni Casellato, Magis.

Homo ad Circulum


I would very much like to talk about a crucial question asked by one of the journalists during the Opening: “What have you at Ermesponti in common with the other companies”?

My answer was simple. We are all Custom-Oriented companies. Do you know  Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing with a man inside a circle? That’s our way with each client.. I made the sketch on my notebook to show her.


We can develop and produce “bespoke furniture” and we can be very competitive with the standard furniture made by brands on the NYC market today. We have both the craftsman’s and technological skills and we can make a location-specific piece of furniture (no matter if it is a cupboard, a table, a couch, a bed or a lamp) of the highest quality, at reasonable cost and, most of all, in a surprisingly short space of time.

I gave an example just to explain better and to be crystal clear. The key point is that we don’t have any specific catalog for our new showroom in NYC! There are so many catalogs of furniture in NYC!

This showroom is our best catalog and the best example of how we work. We did it in record time. We presented the first sketches (done by myself) to the client in May. In June the client signed the contract with Diego and in July he definitely approved our plans. On the 18 of July, Paolo Ponti, the italian architect, went and made a thorough survey of the loft and a week later we sent Bill, the local architect, all the drawings for the site works. In the meantime ermesponti started the actual drawings for the furniture making and on the 8 of August we cut the first piece of wood. We stopped two weeks for the planned summer holidays and then we began the intensive stage of the production on the 19 of August. We loaded the truck leaving to be shipped to NY on the 20 of September. When the furniture arrived in just one week our carpenters’ team complete the installation. Could you believe it? If you want to learn more, please have a look at our photo streaming; we are very proud of each picture.

Let’s have a close look  at the picture published on the most popular US newspaper for the very first time and read a small description of each of them below.

Schermata NYTimes

From the first picture on the top left you can see the sculptured bench of the main TV wall  and a special system of shelves and microfiber niches in the corner. You can also note that the AC system is been completely included in the cabinets of the entrance hall. It is worth another post to describe how we designed and made it.

On the second picture, the most impressive thing is our amazing wall cabinet on the corner of the kitchen. This is like the vertebral column of the loft, which connects the main entrance door from the elevator, the closet, the emergency exit, a little laundry and finally this “Mondrian-style” kitchen cupboard with all the appliance built-in. Another amazing story is behind this project. But we will tell you that in the next post.

From the last picture, which is supposed to be  Diego’s Family portrait, it is easy to recognize the ermesponti’s bookcase, Sintagma. A clever set of modular bookshelves where the shelf is just like the side and they are fit together by an elegant dovetailing. This story is too long; please follow us in the next chapter of this blog and we will tell you how Paolo designed and patented it when he was only 18 and it is still up-to-date now! Actually, this is our best feature: designing and producing timeless bespoke interiors on time!

Do you want to know in person our bespoke furniture? Come and visit our showroom in the Chelsea-Flatiron,110 W25th St., NY ( just make an appointment on the website).


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