The media cabinet

MC render x web


The media cabinet is a huge piece of our production and hosts all the media devices of the loft and a hidden opening to the freight elevator( Please  see our 3D drawing compared to the picture above). You can find it in front of the entrance door of the loft and it is definitely the most important piece of the loft furniture.  Actually it is not a simply piece of furniture , but it is part of the loft’s interior.  ( it s impossible to move it away from here!) It is designed like a portal of solid Italian walnut stripes with a big niche in the centre.   The portal is aligned with the main beam of the ceiling and the AC duct is covered in the upper part behind it. The niche has a glass backdrop divided in two ( the doors to the freight elevator): the glass sandwich panel is made of two glass layers – transparent the first, opaque the other- with a linen fabric inside.
I personally choose and put together each peace of solid wood (see picture below) that Silvio cut by hand. It is very impressive.

MC selezione stripes x web



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