The design of a bathroom (for humans).

The bathroom, in our homes, is maybe the room that most intensely put together the functional aspects with the aesthetic ones.
Briefly, remembering of our cultural roots, Utilitas and Venustas.
bagno per alieni (non di ermes ponti)

We happen to admire – while browsing through design magazines – truly beautiful salles des bains in… sadly empty premises.

No person, no human being seems to ever use them.

Could it be the showroom’s syndrome?

Or the pleasure of a fascinating photographic performance?

Or maybe they’re bathrooms for aliens, ready for the time they will show up?

We’re far from judging.

However, the bathroom… for humans, in everyday life,, means water, heat, humidity, mirrored surfaces, containers, pipes, faucets, drains, ventilation, comfort, intimacy, relaxation and much more.

bagno by ermes ponti (schizzo progettuale)

bagno by ermespontiNo need to go far: just think about your home: how many items, functions can you recall? Many.

And what about the intensity of use ?

Perhaps only the kitchen is used as intensely, but – unlike the bathroom – kitchens can caount on specific equipment and technology…

Not so our bathrooms, where often a small space must serve the needs of various people, many times a day.

Our point of view on the topic can be summarized in a few simple concepts:

bagno by ermes pontiThe bathroom is one of the points where design demonstrates its ability to bring form and function in a harmonious vision, daily perceived by the final customer who’s supposed to use it (and clean it) every day.

Here’s where our revolutionary end-to-end ermes ponti method  gives its best.

  • The execution “to perfection” of the project is critical, perhaps more than in any other room of the house
  • Hydraulic works and funìrniture installation have to live in a perfect way, so to allow the most comfortable possible use
  • Choices of materials and new technologies in this field are vital to the bathroom’s functionality, and make it unique; we offer bespoke, tailored bathrooms, designed around the needs of the customer and totally custom-designed and custom-made.
  • Bathrooms signed ermesponti are “wellness rooms”; and this is never “generic wellness” but always the wellness of a particular person or special family, with specific needs that lead to the maximum extent of customization project.

bagno by ermesponti

All of this leads us to listening to the needs of the customer and take count – from the very first phase – of its specific needs and her personal tastes. The harmonic resolution of functions respecting the demands of the initial project, of course, follows.