Now back in Mantova

At the same time, in Ermesponti, our technician Mattia prepares all the production drawings and easily the making process starts according with them. Each master carpenter is in charge of a specific item: Silvio of the media cabinet, Giuseppe of the hall- kitchen boiserie, Roberto of the main tv corner cabinet, Marco of the Sintagma’s […]

What’s a carpenter, for us at ermesponti

It’s easy to say “carpenter”. In ermesponti we grow this ancient craft with care and respect. Many of our “falegnami” (the Italian wording our international customers don’t know) are actually master carpenters, who learned to work with wood, over the years, project after project, within our company. In ermesponti, from the owner – who, despite fifty years […]

Almaty, Kazakhstan: retail interiors for Baby Juniors. Warm Italian atmosphere in the mall frenzy.

Imagine a store for children in a great, crowded, brand new shopping centre. Imagine to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere to make your little customers comfortable. Imagine to be able to suggest the quality of the Italian lifestyle: Made in Italy in the air, on the walls, in the lights… in the general atmosphere. Now, watch […]

Interiors and Architecture? It’s complicated. Thoughts after the Alberto Campo Baeza lecture.

When Facebook asks you what’s your relationship status, among the options you find… “It’s complicated” Well, maybe that’s what we should consider as the situation between Architecture and Interiors: complicated. Why is it so complicated? Well, it seems like architecture no longer cares for interiors. Architects act like if interior space were a matter of… something empty that […]

“The Bonn Chancellor’s Bungalow today at the Venice Biennale… also thanks to ermes ponti.” By Alex Lehnerer and Savvas Ciriacidis.

The architects in charge of the German Pavillion at the Venice Biennale talk about how they met our company and the way the collaboration between us evolved. Thank you for your post, Alex and Savvas! ERMES PONTI: A CAREFUL AND INSPIRING COLLABORATION ON THE VENICE BIENNALE GERMAN PAVILLION. By Alex Lehnerer and Savvas Ciriacidis. We were […]