From our Twitter channel, the 02/19/2015 live tweeting on the presentation event of Francesco Morace’s book “Crescita Felice”

It was February 20th, 2009, when Professor Morace launched “Il Senso dell’Italia”, which gave rise to the adventure of Italian Rennaissance and to books about a company’s own talent, which also involved us of ermesponti. Exactly six years later, February 19th, 2015 – in the same Hall of Honor of the Triennale in Milan – […]

[Video] Happy growth: Francesco Morace’s economic recipe in his new book. Save the date for presentation: Milano Triennale, Feb 19th.

We all want  our economy to grow, and do so happily. If the suggestion of “happy decrease” never quite convinced you, if you’re looking for a sustainable path for economic development, if you think that the beautiful and the “well done” still make sense in this little crazy world of ours… this book, written by […]

Three questions to Francesco Morace, co-author of “Italian Factor”

We’ve been following for a while now, with attention and participation the important work of the sociologist Francesco Morace, of whom we have already spoken on several occasions.A particularly interesting event has been the presentation of his last book, co-written with Barbara Santoro, “Italian Factor” at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome in July.Having been there with […]

Italians, crafters of their own future. Thanks Francesco Morace, Barbara Santoro and everyone at the “Italian Factor” presentation in Rome.

The Rome Chamber of Deputies presentation of the Francesco Morace and Barbara Santoro book “Italian Factor” has been truly interesting. It’s been an engaging and focused think-tank on “how to multiply our country value”, conducted by Giovanni Aversa (from Mantua). The “Italian Factor” project grows out from Barbara Santoro‘s passion. She’s an Italian born entrepreneur and business coach who […]

Milano, October 15th 2015: presentation of the Open Book “Autori di Crescita”. Paolo Ponti’s contribution.

In Milano, on Oct. 15th 2015, something important for all the people who care about Italy’s economic and cultural growth… Egea publishing company is going to unveil the Open Book “Autori di Crescita, during professor Morace’s Festival della Crescita to be held  in Milano on October 15-18 . We have always been convinced about  the “happy growth” theory […]

The Ten Commandments of “Crescita Felice” (Happy Growth), a book to read and… some thoughts.

We’d like to finish this series of posts dedicated to Francesco Morace with a small extract from his book “Crescita Felice – Percorsi di futuro civile” (Happy Growth, referring to a way of making economy grow, in a sustainable way). In particular we find very inspiring the “10 Commandments” for a Happy Growth, at the end the book:   Grow […]